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DevCup 2014 Winners

First Place
Sheltr.me - A web app that displays residential listing together with geographical data to help you decide a place that best suits you (by Langitgit: Adrian Peterson Co, Zy Martinez and Rose Anne Concepcion)
Second Place
BizSight -Bizight is a web app where it brings Big Data analytics to small businesses. (by Cash Loans and Good Times: Jonathan Ian Conanan, Roderick Mauricio ane Ralph Jason Aquino)
Third Place
Unearth.js - a node module that sandboxes your application so that it will run along side unearth.js's own CLI monitoring. (by Ghost Pro: Raven John Lagrimas, Nino Eclarin and Arisa Ochavez)
The Paul Pajo Award
Cheers - An app that use semantic analysis to help you understand if your friends are happy or sad recently based on their Facebook posts. (by Xolve Alpha: Hubert Ursua, Alyanna Diavane and John Senosa)