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    - No responses is the easiest way to get in the best clubs, events and parties in the Philippines for free. allows party goers in the Philippines to get on the guest list of clubs to waive the cover charge and skip the lines to get in the club faster.
  • Quickfire Games
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    Quickfire Games, is a Filipino startup, passionate about making truly awesome, and engaging games. At the moment we are focusing on genre's we are passionate about, such as Wild Season which is inspired by Harvest Moon. However we currently have another 2-3 games in very early stages, awaiting for our ... more

  • Offerchat
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    Offerchat is a free premium live chat tool for sales and customer support designed for startups and growing businesses as well as established companies. It is specifically designed to help growing Ecommerce and online business websites increase sales and conversions by promptly providing one-on-one, real time assistance to visitors browsing ... more
  • MiCab
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    Majority of Filipinos use public transport with taxis as the top choice. Aside from comfort, convenience is the main reason why commuters choose taxis over other means – to get to our destinations faster and safer. Traditionally, we get our taxis by hailing them along the street, from a taxi ... more

  • Tagbond
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    Tagbond is a platform to manage memberships, deals and rewards online or offline. Features include secure ID, use of NFC and QR codes to identify members, communities and deals, and a redeemable virtual currency. It also offers a REST API to allow others to integrate the various components, including the ... more
  • 199Jobs
    - One response
    199Jobs is the Filipino marketplace where you can buy or sell simple services quickly, easily and affordably. Outsource and buy services to save money & time, and remove the stresses of hiring. Offer and sell your services to earn extra income on your spare time. Pagawa mo na yan, P199 lang!

  • Tripid
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    Tripid Philippines, Inc. is a start-up that aims to find innovative ways to drive transportation efficiency in Metro Manila – enabling the shift of the current supply-based paradigm of public transportation into a collaborative demand-based community. The company’s ultimate goal is to minimize carbon footprint, reduce traffic, and give all ... more
    - No responses is a landing page builder where you can integrate and include information about your brand and external social network information like Facebook and Twitter. Since its initial development in March 2012, it continues to focus on its primary tool, which is providing a web and mobile page builder for ... more

  • MetroDeal
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    MetroDeal is the #1 Online Shopping Mall in the Philippines. MetroDeal is a service of MetroDeal Holdings Ltd. and is operating websites in the Philippines and in Indonesia. With 2 million unique visitors a month, it is the most visited local e-commerce website in the Philippines as per and ... more
  • IdeaSpace
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    IdeaSpace runs an incubator and accelerator program to support technology entrepreneurs in the Philippines and for the global market through partnerships between the MVP Group of companies and global IT companies. It recently closed submission for its 1st national competition for startup ideas where up to ten winners will receive ... more