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What is DevCup?

WebGeek’s annual hackathon of developers, technologists, futurists and creatives working together to build great apps and pulling together the right talent to build them. This event allows developers to learn new technology, showcase their talent and ultimately build awesome apps of tomorrow. Everyone can benefit by making the interaction better, smarter, and perhaps providing a more technologically engaged place to live. Build a web app, mobile app or any software platform, either by yourself or with a team and you can also win awesome prizes.

DevCup 2013 Highlights and Winners

2013 Highlights
Theme: Development
App Gallery: DevCup 2013
Stats: 62 Teams, 48 Apps
Photos: DevCup 2013
First Place
OverDrive - Real-time collaborative programming via SublimeText using Google Docs (by: Marte Soliza and Mark Steve Samson)
Second Place
Mango.js -Integrated Project Management with Software Testing (by: Adrian Peterson Co, Jaemar Joseph Ramos, and Jaune Sarmiento)
Third Place
Fasci-Nation - Social media aggregator and mosaic/timeline generator (by: Rupert Cabrera, Paolo Santos and Karlo Banzuela)

DevCup 2012 Highlights and Winners

2012 Highlights
Theme: Filipino Problem
App Gallery: DevCup 2012
Stats: 38 Teams, 18 Apps
Photos: DevCup 2012
First Place
Bukas Palad - Self-hosted Donation and Resources Management System (by: Nikko Bautista)
Second Place
Fund3Lives - Crowd-sourced funding platform for ill children. (by: Ken Lauren Daganio & Nino Manalasan)
Third Place
Sagip - Disaster information dissemination application (by: Kimson Wong, Carlos Gavino and Jess Chin)