Startups are steadily gaining pace even in Korea. beSUCCESS, a startup community in Korea helps motivate every Korean tech entrepreneur to achieve their global potential. To achieve that global potential among Korean technopreneurs, beSUCCESS will be holding beLAUNCH, a tech startup conference. It will be held in Seoul, Korea on May 1 and 2.

beSUCCESS was founded by James Jung early in 2012. According to him, he wanted to revolutionize the way Korean entrepreneurs approach global expansion. He also wanted to encourage the Asian ecosystem towards global success.

In lieu with beSUCCESS’ core ambitions, beLAUNCH is one way to promote Korean startups and help overseas startups enter the Korean market. beLAUNCH will be commencing in Seoul’s business district. For this year, beSUCCESS is expecting 2,500 attendees. And they have already confirmed that several top global CEOs and thought leaders are going to participate and be their speakers.

In this tech startup conference, beLAUNCH is still accepting entries to their startup battle having March 15 as due date. This startup battle is open to new tech companies who have the brightest ideas. Have the chance to pitch your idea among globally recognized accelerators and investors. The winners will also grab the opportunity to win a lucrative early stage investment partnered with free mentoring and networking.

beLAUNCH is one way to attract partnership deals in Korea. Actually, Korea is one of the most advanced tech markets in the world. Samsung and LG are Korean startups and they already achieved fame internationally. beLAUNCH is beSUCCESS’ vehicle to attract partnership deals with big companies like Google, Microsoft, Amazon and several others. beSUCCESS’ major goal is to build growth in the global startup ecosystem for the benefit of technopreneurs as well as their targeted consumers.

beSUCCESS wants to help foster growth in the Korean market. Korea, like other countries, is an IT hub with its tech savvy consumers. Several Korean startups had struggled to reach for success, but some failed in doing so. Cyworld, a Korean social networking startup, had gained popularity in Korea, but had been wiped out when Facebook was launched. beSUCCESS aims to reach global success by first building a relationship in their own country, and expanding in the Asian market. beSUCCESS understands that they should achieve success first within their borders.

If beLAUNCH sounds good to you, you may contact Global Director Nathan Millard (nathan[at] beSUCCESS can help you to promote your startup’s vision and they can provide you valuable connections for your startup’s growth.